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Cashmere Passion
Correction for Pattern # (Pattern Errata Only): 
Changed (Pattern Errata Only): 
Wednesday, February 3, 2021 - 10:15

With straight needles, CO 45 sts. Work 3 rep of the pattern st (24 rows)- placing a m after the first 4 sts and after the last 4 sts of  the last row—37 center sts marked.

Beg working the left and right slanting patterning:
Row 4: K to m, sl m, k1, *yo, k2tog; rep from * to m, sl m, k to end of row.
Row 6: K to m, sl m, *Ssk, yo; rep from * to 1 st before m, sl m, k to end of row
Row 7: P to m, m1 purlwise, sl m, p2tog, p to 2 sts before m, p2togtbl, sl m, m1 purlwise, sl m, p to end of row. (2 less sts are now being worked in banded vertical trellis, and 2 more sts are being worked in st st.)


Pattern Type(s): 
Sweaters - Cardigan
Sweaters - Women